Impossible to segregate dirty politics from Sucha Singh Chhotepur


It is impossible to segregate dirty politics or “satta ki bhookh” from the blood of Sardar Sucha Singh Chhotepur, the Aam Aadmi Party leader and Punjab convener.
imagesDuring his entire political career, Sucha Singh Chhotepur’s mind changed a lot many times, whenever he was offered powerful positions in any of the political party – may it be ruling party or opposition party. His ultimate goal was to become the Chief Minister of Punjab, for which he betrayed major political parties of Punjab.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur got appointed as General Secretary, Government College, Gurdaspur in the year 1968, to which he resigned and became Sarpanch & later on Chairman of village Chhotepur. With increased greed of wealth and power, Chhotepur became member of Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee in the year 1980 and served till 1997. In the meanwhile, he held a responsible post of Minister, Health & Tourism, Punjab (1985-1988) and finally became Member of Punjab Legislative Assembly in the year 2002 to 2007, which raised his graph of prosperity.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur removed as state convener of AAP in Punjab but again rejoins

Chhotepur became Aam Aadmi Party convener, Punjab and later on removed from the prestigious post for his failure to discharge his constitutional duty of convening meetings of State Executive Committee.  Once again chhotepur became AAP convener deviously, which showcases his untrustworthiness towards any particular party.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur lacks the leadership

Ever since Chhotepur re-joined Aam Aadmi Party as convener Punjab, party’s image got devastated to the large extent. Due to chhotepur’s unethical politics, the party had to face a vertical split. It was Chhotepur only who got Dharamvira Gandhi and Harinder Singh Khalsa suspended from the primary membership of the party, blaming them for anti-party activities

Chhotepur’s double standards for Bhindranwala
Sucha Singh Chhotepur, who during his early times spoke openly against social and economic injustices against the average citizens, called Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala a Saint and later on addressed him as ‘Chambal Da Daaku’ and a ‘Congress Agent’.
Chhotepur practice double standards as he had earlier demanded Khalistan during various interviews carried out by overseas media and later refused the same by saying that AAP does not support the idea of a separate Sikh state that was highlighted at the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’. How can a person having double standards be trusted.
Is Punjab slipping back to Militancy?
War for supremacy over religious & political leadership has drawn battle lines among the political parties of Punjab and if this dirty politics of AAP persists with leaders like Sucha Singh Chhotepur, then there are high chances of Punjab returning to the violent days of the 1980s.
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